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Setting a Goal

What you want to achieve and in how much time

Evaluating Your Existing Digital Marketing Presence

Where are you standing against your competition?

Understanding the Digital Sales Funnel

Where are you acquiring customers, and where are you losing them?

Building Buyer Personas

Who are your ideal customers & what triggers them?

Creating a holistic Digital Marketing Plan

A customized blend of digital marketing tactics for high ROI

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Why  me? 

For 10+ years, I have been working with entrepreneurs, startups, and big brands for their different digital marketing goals. After seeing so many ups and downs, making every mistake, and learning how to recover, now I can confidently point out what to do and what not. That’s the only difference in any strategy. It applies even more in digital marketing because hitting the right cord once can make your sales go up dramatically, and playing the wrong music can drain your money quickly.

So again.  Why me? 

Because – You don’t have to make the mistakes that I did. You don’t have to waste time and money juggling between freelancers and agencies when you should be focussing on running your business.

What do  you need? 

Not all of them. I will figure out your best options.

For ranking well on Google, build organic traffic, and sustainable growth. Local SEO, National SEO, International SEO.


SEO drives more traffic than organic social media.

For building brand awareness, identity, and community. LinkedIn. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

370 Million

Facebook Users in India

74 million

LinkedIn Users in India

140 million

Instagram Users in India

For generating leads and sales quickly using different paid marketing channels. Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads.


Avg Conversion rate is in India

For supporting SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, and establishing the brand.


Increase in brand awareness


Newer audience




Innovation through thought leadership


Lead generation

For outreaching your audience in a catchy visual way using images, infographics, and videos.


Consumers will leave a website with poor graphic design


Website visitors relate the website design to the credibility of the brand/company.

For creating a buzz around your services and products using top media brands with millions of followers.


B2B technology decision-makers say they consumed pieces of vendor content.

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Leverage my years of experience in digital marketing with top brands to get expert advice, guidance, and outside opinion for your digital marketing strategies, execution, and long-term roadmap.


Done For You

Leverage my hands-on expertise and proven track record in planning, executing, and managing digital marketing activities for top brands to get desired results without hiring multiple resources.


Are you one  of these? 

Leverage my exclusive experience in building traffic, generate leads and boost sales

Technology Company

With increasing competition in the technology domain, be it a service company or a SaaS platform, you need a strategic approach to grab low-hanging fruits and high-value clients.

I specialize in consulting technology companies on all marketing fronts for results that contribute to your top line with sustainable growth.

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Fashion Company

Selling in the fashion & accessories category is tough. On overcrowded e-commerce and social media platforms, How can you establish your identity and build a brand?

I can figure out the right answer for you.
I have been with fashion brands in their journey from 0 to 1 and 1-100 & beyond.

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