In this very competitive era and highly dynamically controlled economic times staying aloof The startup stress is not a novel idea. It should come as unsaid how startups are being Put through many roller coaster rides, highs and lows or ups and downs. Marketing and sales have been on the upfront of the business setup.

Balancing out a way between marketing and sales is not only the core to a successful startup but also a smart take on how to keep your balance sheets minimum with profitable outcomes. A clear headed leader and a definiteness of what you wish to achieve during the process will not only help you call out for the necessary options and actions needed but also help you undo the ambiguous situations or clear out the confused state of mind. Giving tangibility to your thought without a well thought out plan or a structured analysis is just as fruitless as trying to be sober with flaws in your system.

Let us take a tour as to how we can ensure our qualitative marketing startegies to get the job done.

1.Pillars of marketing

There have been various instances of failed marketing strategies that led to a huge downfall of many companies. Over a period of time companies have started to misinterpret the collaboration of both marketing and sales. The unrequited love of sales have somehow come to sideline the behind the curtains role of marketing strategies. Some of the pillars are:

WEBSITES- if you have your own website for the company make sure to always keep it up to date not only in terms of the product and its demand but also in terms of the upcoming launches, your ideas, other initiatives or even your uncounted unmentioned welfare services if you have any. It is always a good idea to keep your customers satisfied with a good piece of information that not only keeps them connected but also makes them feel cared for, privileged and prioritized.

CONTENT WRITING- We know how much content plays an important role in social media influencing. Not only does it attract customers and tap potential markets but it also enables one to connect with a larger group or base within a constricted area and span of time. Creative writing, connecting with the customers through lifelike experiences, enhanced writing skills etc can all accumulate to form a full proof package of what creative content writing is.
2.Social media

In this extroverted era of social media and its influence it seems as a shortcoming if you are not well equipped with the media rules. The important rule is to rule social media with content. Social media has become the upfront of so many companies. It is not only easy to handle or use but convenient. A single tap can let your customer base get all the required information. When was it easier than it is today? The only working department in this field is how to optimally utilize the opportunities social media has been providing.

There are certain ways in which social media has been used nowadays- paid or unpaid depending upon your needs and marketing area it is up to you as to how you get your job done. Getting a good landing page for your product is probably the best way out which many social media platforms including facebook provides.

This not only enhances the chances of customers coming across your product and knowing about it but it also notches up the chances of a likely enlarged platform for more customers. Meanwhile, staying careful with the marketing budget and ensuring that maximum is done with minimum monetary input will be a smart way out. Reap the maximum benefits with a minimalist or a careful approach.

3.Email marketing
Spamming your customers will never be a good idea as it doesn’t only annoy the customers but also questions the credibility of privacy. In this highly data sensitive and online era spamming has been one of the most complained about things and we definitely wouldn’t want to add it to the list ourselves. Thus, healthy emailing activities restricted to minimum invasions and least annoying frequency would be a good adaptability. With some technical advancements and adaptation repetitive email spamming or mailing errors can be detected and solved.

There are certain sets of pros and cons associated with the use of a mailing system. Making sure that the email is used in your favour and as an add on to strengthen your startup is a way out of any messy business. A personalized set of email contests to target the specific audience can help you get a way into the market and deeply enroute your way into people’s choices.

4.Understand the product

A thorough understanding of your product is not only a must but also the best thing to be done in order to seek some confidence with the audience. Expecting the customers to know about your own product without you knowing enough about itself isn’t a great idea- is it? Our accountability and responsibility will stand questionable and our interest will seem deterred.

5.Know the audience
Having a general idea of not only who your targeted audience will be but also the database collected via your targeted audience will help you indulge in some really Fruitful technological advancements and investments. This will not only help add diversity to your approach but induce personalization of marketing strategy as per the needs and requirements of the customer base.

This should be one of the initial steps in the implementation of your process of marketing strategy. Creating user persona taking creative take on your analytics engaging in an in-depth evaluation of the current needs coupled with a few hitherto innovative ideas can prove to be a full proof plan for your startup.

6.Establish yourself

Establishing yourself in the market can be done through many different ideas- be it networking at regional local national or international level, social media usage, PR strategies, technological investments and much more.

It is always good to ensure a small group of trustful followers or supporters be it your own family members, your group of friends or amongst your locality,village, town, area, society, city, state or country for that matter. Never has it been better for any company to get a supportive backhand at the initial levels of their careers which inky folded in terms of profits later on.

Certain ideas like live contesting, live chats, a good interface, a creative and interactive environment, catchy phrase lines, aims on the social front, upholding some principles and many such takes will only solidify your position in the playground.

7.Public relations

A good PR strategy can be incredibly valuable in terms of not only establishing your company amongst the other players of the market but with your different take and creative take on public relations strategy you can also ensure a different and strong base amongst the customers.

It will not only enhance the consumer base but also help keep your ROI (return of investment- a performance measure to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of the company and compare the efficiency of the number of different investments) at par with the market conditions.

Because PR is a very tedious job and does not lead to instantaneous booms or reactions it might be disheartening at the beginning. And also there is no actual or true measure of how public relations can be measured henceforth this might seem very superficial at the beginning. But what is a startup without a little bit of calculated risks and whims?

8.See the bigger picture

A too narrow approach towards your own company and what it can possibly do is not only disastrous for the company but also for your image as the company and its worth somehow turns into the broad understanding of the leader as a whole. It is always recommended to put forth a very challenging accepting persona through your work which not only lets the customer take a blind try with you but also shows the immense amount of trust they would put in you with your successful take.

It is true that startups are not a single take scene but rather a very tedious job of days, months or years which comes about with all the hard work, immense support and a tight schedule. Instead of wanting to get the instant reactions that are very present but not futuristic, invest your time in planning out a strategy that might include the present scenario with the changing dynamics for the future as well.

In the end it is always better to take your time and let the situations around you soak in and help you culminate the necessary strategy that would not only ensure you a successful startup in the current but also push you for the futuristic expansions and broader aspects. As business in today’s setup is not only physically exhausting and mentally demanding – but it also accumulates a bunch of smart tactics, group works, compilations, assimilations and further challenging aspects it becomes essential to try to strive to strike for that balance in your routine!