Agile NCR

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An Impeccable ROAS of 580%

About Agile NCR

Agile NCR is an annual agile software development conference organized by Xebia and Agile enthusiasts of the Delhi NCR region. Since 2007, Agile NCR has been a unique platform for all the software developers to gather and gain knowledge from grassroot to expert level. It is a platform for riveting discussion and exploring the developments in the IT industry with the experts.

Goals to be achieved by Agile NCR

Agile NCR wanted to create awareness for their annual conference in 2019. They were to generate quality leads from those who can later be converted into participants. It wanted to market the event by leveraging the power of social media to push the sale of tickets a step further.

Our approach

We worked with Agile NCR to generate leads through social media. We toiled around the clock with Agile NCR to prepare productive assets for facebook and instagram ads. At UI & UX level I took 5-8 design variations approach with a varied combination of textual approach & niche hashtags to engage with the right audience. We tailored a set of images and videos to captivate geeks in different ways. We unveiled the speakers to generate interest amongst the computer nerds.

The full funnel approach was adapted to set up the journey from awareness to the stage of conversion. The first step was to reach the relevant audience and develop interest about the conference. To do this a campaign was strategized in three steps.

Different audience were targeted in different ways:

  • Image Ad: These primarily targeted all the technology lovers of the Delhi NCR region.
  • Lead Ad: Lead ads were generated on facebook to identify the potential clients and tempt them to fill the form to understand their behaviour and pattern.
  • Website traffic Ad: With well set optimisation, website traffic ads were rolled out to increase the traffic to the website.

The whole campaign was carried out strategically to optimise the investment and reach the desired frequency in a controlled manner.

The success story

Agile NCR targeted their audience in a very cautious way to yield these results:

  • Tickets were sold out with an ROAS of 580%.
  • Instagram reach improvement of 30%

  • We got an additional metric benefit out of campaign which is fb likes of around 4.3K% increase reaching 10,733 people

Products Used

  • Lead Ads : To generate efficient and relevant leads for your business.
  • Website traffic Ads : To reach out the potential clients, who are interested and directing them to conversion focused landing pages.
  • Instagram Ads : To engage the audience and keep them updated about the event and its related information.
  • Custom Audiences : To retarget our loyal clients and keep them intact.


  • 4.3K% increase reaching 10,733 people & few hundred likes
  • ROAS of 580% Tickets were sold out with an
  • 30% Increase in Instagram reach