ClientNAKA TechServicesDigital Marketing, Website DevelopmentYear2022

NAKA provides consultations and IT solutions to clients

About Naka Tech

NAKA, a strategic technology startup headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, is one of the leading names amongst the North American IT companies. With a highly professional and skilled team, NAKA provides consultations and IT solutions to clients. NAKA has achieved its place in the IT sector with Its dedication to work on innovative and better-strategized solutions.

Goals to be achieved

NAKA Tech was looking forward to a digital marketing strategy that can ignite the overall growth of the startup. The main goal was to create a plan to improve the website’s overall health, including various parameters. Also, it was important to work on building visibility and expanding the clientele.

Our approach

We started working on the strategy by checking the kind of search made by the potential clients of NAKA Tech. However, as there was a lot of competition encompassing these potential clients, it was challenging to figure out the right strategy and achieve the required results.

  • We set google analytics in work to get accurate data to keep the count on the exact improvement in the numbers. A plan to improvise for the LinkedIn improvement.
  • We worked on the overall SEO health beginning. We altered the content with keywords and language to engage the audience better.
  • We worked on several parameters to attain the set domain authority. We engaged with the websites that held the targeted audience’s attention.

The success story

After our significant amount of hustle, the company achieved the targeted milestones in the six months span as planned.

Domain authority was improved from 3 to 10, reflecting an overall improvement of 233.33%.
Benefit – More impact of every content for ranking higher.

An increase in google analytics followers metrics was seen. The organic search increased from 0 to 100 in a time span of 6 weeks.

Benefit – More leads. More Business.

An improvement in global engagement was observed through Alexa ranking in 3 months. The current Alexa ranking for Naka Tech is 390,458 as compared to 965,200.
Benefit – Increased brand strength.

We were able to draw 91.8% new visitors with a meager bounce rate of 9.23% in a short duration of 6 months.

Benefit – Increased conversion rate and better lead nurturing.

Goal 18 conversion rate of .18% was achieved along with 48,587 new users and a behavior bounce rate of 61.02%.
Benefit – Increased targetted sales.

An increase in the number of organic keywords was observed. There were 481 organic keywords, out of which 2 were found to be in the top 3.

Benefit – Increased visibility for numerous keywords.