Scrappy Apparel History

ClientScrappy ApparelServicesDigital Marketing, Website DevelopmentYear2022

Digital Marketing mix for a Custom T-shirt brand

About Scrappy apparel

Scrappy apparel company is an elite brand management firm that focuses on premium fabric and extravagant embellishing ideas. Scrappy is a brand building firm that provides you with a structured process for claiming your position in the business, with the help of its excellent team. They are keen to pronounce your brand in the market through the best success story.

Goals to be achieved by Scrappy Apparel

  • Scrappy apparel was looking to engage a larger sector of audience. The organic reach to the targeted audience was not enough.They wanted to make an impact through their website.
  • The ad campaigns by scrappy apparel were not vigorous, i.e. the ROAS was not proper. The improper ROAS did not allow the company to be competent or make any profit.
  • The company was up against major fashion giants who have established a higher domain authority and were already the trendsetter.
  • There was a huge need to check on the keyword phrases. It was important to launch the campaign with right and relevant keywords, those could actually cover the purpose.

The overall strategy was needed to be evaluated and comprehended for reaching the set milestones.

Our approach

With the experience and expertise of our team, we strategized the campaign of strengthening the presence of scrappy apparel online and procuring the maximum conversion rate.

  • We started applying internet marketing techniques in this campaign. We started by working with multiple SEO methods. Relevant keywords were researched and the webpages were optimized to aptly reflect these keywords.A safe strategic linking was performed for better results.
  • The website was altered and a better theme was introduced to drive the attention of the visitors and make it aesthetically pleasing and convenient to explore.

  • The audience was passed through a well structured funnel. This funnel has steps, each with its own objective, the primary one being driving the sales.Progressive social media ads were run to drive the significant traffic towards the website that may further lead to conversion. A theme based ad campaign was preferred to target regional audiences.
  • With our UI/UX experience we were able to reduce the bounce rate considerably which was another major challenge.
    • Balancing ROAS was a major challenge with Scrappy apparel as we collaborated with the firm. With our expert for PPC services, we were able to achieve the expected.

The success story

With our constant efforts in the digital marketing realm of scrappy apparel, we were able to achieve some remarkable results.

An impeccable ROAS of 480% was achieved.

The organic search keyword numbers made a huge bounce of 572% i.e. from 129 to 867 in a time span of 90 days.

The bounce rate of the website was decreased to 10% from a higher value of 60%.

The alexa ranking was improved to 611,780 showing a decrease of 36.3%.

A relevant increase of 362.5% in the domain authority was observed and it has reached a new value of 37 along with the page authority of 34.

The targeted section of population had given 70% of the traffic i.e. people aged between 25-34. 70% of the total traffic was direct and 30% was achieved from referrals.

There was an increase in the total impressions and clicks received,depicting the discovery of the firm by google.

The total number of unique domains linking to the target were increased.