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Website development Company

About the company

They are a bunch of tech geeks with strong ethics, adaptive methodology and innovative thoughts. We focus on creating websites to generate leads for any size of business. Our clients have always known us for our comprehensive approach along with a strong and gainful presence.

Requirements/ Goals to be achieved

The aim was to develop a decently functionable and well featured website. The quality of content was to be kept exemplary and updated at all times. We were expected to develop a website with optimized search and social so that we can improve organic traffic.

Their solution

We worked with the company to develop a website that represents the company on the global platform. We toiled around the clock to create a website that will function as a lead generation machine for the company allowing it to have quantifiable conversions. We aimed for a scalable website that was supposed to meet the upcoming expectations apart from the current scenario.

We evaluated the needs of the primary audience of the company. This helped us to narrow down the requirements of the website and strategize the development process further. The content marketing was managed specifically to target the right audience.

We worked on the visual brand to make the website clear and contemporary. As over 51% of the global web traffic emerges from mobile, we strategize our website taking mobile in consideration.

A right communication setup was established between the users and the company. The website was developed in the company’s specified budget.

The success story

We create an award worthy story

The developed website gained a conversion rate of .16% in a time span of one year with a behaviour bounce rate of 61.02%.

Total lead generation was observed to be________

An organic search of _____% was observed. Google traffic bounced to__________%

New visitors from search engines were approximately______

An increase of _____% in visibility was observed.

The Principal fundamentals of a successful campaign

A coordinated approach in sales,traffic management and ranking is the key to a successful website model. To develop an efficient website an experienced approach is needed that can unify all the aspects including SEO,Development, Design,etc. We can develop a quintessential website for you.