Introduction to the Fashion Industry

With the onset of renaissance to the Victorian era, fashion has always been a prominent part of people’s life. This shows not only in their attire but also in their desire to stay upfront on the fashion forefront. Decades have passed by and fashion still seems to be one of the most dynamically and fast moving industries of the world.

Fashion has not only taken over the world in terms of physical attributes but has also become the voice for many social causes and representation of ideas in an innovative way. Be it any social cause like gender equality or environmental issues like less invasive or pollution contributing fashion seems to be taking the upper hand in representing these.

Industrial revolution brought about the needed machinery which not only helped in mass production but also ensured quality clothing to populations across the world. These mass productions produced garments that not only fulfilled the aesthetic desires but also gave a sense of pride in terms of ownership of fashion statements which was not only in fashion but also affordable.

The beginning of Fashion Marketing with Fashion dolls

Also known as pandora dolls, these little mannequins or life-like dolls in the 18th century were made to wear the most detailed outfits carefully tailored and elaborately constructed to showcase the true craftsmanship of the person.

These dolls in the later half of the eighteenth century became one of the most effective ways of fashion marketing showcasing the latest trends and outfits. Marie antionette as we know her from her keen selection of statement jewellery and custom tailor-made dresses she had been throbbing the ladies heart with her unique and luxurious style of dressing.

Print Media: Fashion magazines

Magazines seem to be possible the closest chase for your dress dreams wherein you don’t only pretty much imagine yourself in that dress but can also probably combine your own unique styling to the already existing ideas from magazines. Magazines over decades have allowed ladies to communicate with each other through their unique and personal statement of styling. Today fashion magazines like VOGUE, FASHION, ELLE etc are not only some of the leading fashion magazine brands but are also uniquely trending and innovative with their ideas in clothing.

“Englishwoman’s domestic magazine” a periodical magazine which was meant to target the middle-class housewives was meant to be educating on crafts, cooking, clothing and other important spheres of life. With enough enrollment of people ,magazine reading advertisements started popping up on magazines trying to market their own garments and making a place for their own products or clothing lines.

Catalogs are a systematic list of items displayed alphabetically or in order of the topic’s comprehensibility. These are organized sets of paper which showcase different styles of dresses and patterns or material and clothes. Montgomery ward catalog being the single sheet catalog listed items for sale alongside giving elaborated detailings.

Products ranging from clothing to wigs to baby related stuff catalogs proved to be an efficient way of making customers want the product as they could see the product of their imagination come to life. The orders made via catalogs shot up and made the market use them more often and include catalogs in their marketing strategies as well.

Introduction to Departmental stores

What is more convenient than a one store walk in a market where everything that you want or need lays at your dispersal with just one quick look. One of the earliest departmental stores was opened in New York in Broadway around the 1840s. It also was among the first stores to make mailing facilities and order based on them turn into a successful business.

Departmental stores were not only the cloth hub but also became a place of immense respect and hangout for the respectables of the society back then. The restrictive nature of the society back then which discouraged female movement outside the house places like these became to be one of the empowering centres for women to step out and take their own time to relax and enjoy.

Beginning of Fashion Week

1903, New York city witnessed the first ever fashion shows put up by the Ehrich brothers to attract the middle class women. Bourgeoisie class as we know have always been the flag bearers of changes and development seekers.

By the late 1900s departmental stores were on the run for fashion shows everywhere, escalating this into a tradition which we can witness even today in different parts of the world with different sects and regions participating to showcase their immense talent.

“Press week” the first unofficial fashion week was held for the buyers of fashion and members of the press. As we know that late 1900s were the world war II times wherein women have started stepping out for work and thus fashion and clothing have seen a drastic shift from luxury and conervative to comfortable and easy.

Era of Photography

How could we have possibly put our imaginations to work had cameras been never invented? Photography has not only evolved the way we see around us but has also enriched the capacities of visionaries. Photography is a very required medium for presenting ideas and boosting confidence through portrayal of beauty.

Vogue was amongst the first fashion magazines to have taken photography seriously and hired Baron Adolph de Meyer as their first official photographer in 1913. Edward Steichen is considered to be one of the earliest photographers who photographed gowns for a magazine in 1911.

Photography today has been emerging and accepted as an art form which puts forth beauty of both realism and fantasies. Minute details like facial expressions, hand movements. Flowy dresses, casual moments, the beauty of the human body, postures etc started to take the attention of people.


Ads and fashion go hand in hand. They are the parallel roads which at one point tend to meet particular interests and marketing requirements. Advertisements today have evolved so much that relatability with the common people have kind of become the trend for time. Advertisements are not only marketing strategies but if carefully used can also prove to be the powerful tool for raising awareness regarding certain topics which make humans wake up their inner conscience.

Concluding the History of Fashion Marketing
Fashion marketing has evolved tremendously with time. With the time passing, the fashion marketing has travelled from the age of fashion dolls to now digital marketing which proves that the fashion industry is ever evolving. Here it can be said that for any industry to sustain its needs to adapt to change with time.