Fashion is an evergreen industry that has always been on roll. There are new ideas and old ideas, those are constantly evolving in all ways. Fashion is a clear statement made, one does not need to speak or perform to express.

The role of social media platforms in Fashion Industry

Social media has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life these days. It is a brilliant marketing tool for fashion apps as well. The fashion market has shown immense growth on social media and is expected to grow even more in the coming time. During 2020, the conversion rate of 150 top brands experienced a hike of 77 million, which is expected to grow $872 billion by 2023.

Social media has given an ample amount of loyalty and traffic to the online fashion brands. Fashion brands have utilised the power of social media to their fullest potential.

How has social media contributed to the marketing of fashion brands?

Involving social media in the marketing of any fashion brand has become a necessity for the brand. This keeps you in competition and ensures your presence amongst a wider audience. Going online is not only about competition, it has certain benefits locked.

Interaction with the audience
The online presence of your brand keeps you in the proximity of your audience. You can keep the online fashion update for your users to acquire and also you can interact with them through polls and know more about their interest. These days people often follow brands and icons, who have similar morals as them and the online presence of the brand can really help it to mark its presence in its followers.

Boost in customer service
The brand can upgrade its image by providing quick and quality customer service. A user who is already present online prefers to interact with a representative on an online platform that is convenient for them.

Increased brand traffic and ad campaigns
The traffic for brands can be increased with better ad campaigns and offers given online. Offers and discounts often attract customers and they tend to follow your account for further updates. Loyalty can be easily increased through social media. Through online content, a larger client base can be prepared that will promote the fashion mobile apps and generate installs.

Everything around the globe has been swiftly going digital. There are more than a billion people who have been on various social media platforms. This is an indicator to mark the necessity of the business going online.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Fashion Industry

Social Media Marketing requires a good strategy to be successful. A good strategy can actually help improve the entire campaign and will be the guide to a better result.

Choosing the right social media app
Selecting the right social media app for your fashion brand is very important. The selection can be done considering the potential traffic on any app. If an app increases your reach to the users and promotes your brand to create awareness, that is the right app for your fashion brand.

Improve the access
Improving the access to the clients is aligning your app to the needs of your clients. An app that is simpler to browse and provide an easy shopping option is something that drives the users. A convenient payment system is a factor that increases the conversion rate.

Make your product standout
Working constantly to improve the fashion app through updates and feedback is highly appreciated amongst the users. A good promotion is required to mark the presence of the fashion brand online. You must make a good promotional strategy, if you are using pictures make sure their quality is fine and they have a clear portrayal of the company’s objective.

Interaction with your clients
For building loyalty in the clients, you must make sure they have easy communication with the representative of the fashion brand. Customers may have queries related to payments, apps, shopping or anything else, to which a quick solution is appreciated. To maintain the interest of the clients in the brand, it is essential to provide them with the right platform for communication.

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing has become a very important part of social media marketing. You provide your product to the customers and they show you what the product looks like. They promote the product and charge the brand for the promotion, but it does attract a lot of audience from a demographic location. This enhances the traffic of the potential buyers for the brand.

Post Frequency
A posting schedule is very important when it comes to social media. Very active account can be as frustrating as an inactive account for the audience. In both the cases, a person is most likely to unfollow the brand. So finding the right balance, and finding the correct post frequency is essential. This enables the brand to keep a track of user activity and maintain a steady flow of content.

Live interaction
One of the best ways to promote a product is by going live on the social media account. By doing so you can promote your product and explain everything asked. You can also take questions from the users and interact with them.

There are many strategies that can enhance the efficiency of the output when it comes to social media marketing. So by selecting the relevant strategy a fashion brand can do branding and promotions that will result in a better ROI.