Being an entrepreneur comes with such an adrenaline rush- be it our perseverance, hard work, extra efforts or routed strategies. Down the lane of this journey we always need that one helping hand which may help us seek the better options available for our problems. There comes the role of good research and some brainstorming regarding our solution finding.
Let us consider an example for our better understanding of what a successful startup looks like. BYJU’S have been one of the most successful and highly profitable startups in the country which not only efficiently tapped the youngest population and it’s thirst to learn but also acknowledged the need for easy and approachable E-learning. This not only makes it unique but also includes it in the staggering list of education reformers.

The kind of growth that we want from our startups not only depends on our hard work but also our smart work associated with current dynamics. Let us try and tap the requirements for an impressive marketing strategy via following ways.

1.Discover People- Understand The Target Audience

Starting with a clarity of vision and clear headed strategy not only helps you eliminate the ambiguities throughout but also enables you to keep yourself at bay while making decisions. This not only enables a good lookout for better options but also makes sure that any opportunity at hand is not left to the confusion of the scenario. Indulge well into the kind of venture you want to enter into and try to ask yourself all the necessary questions that may range from why to what to where, when and so on. It should not be just the venture but also the interest that kindles the entrepreneur in you making you seek it out of passion.

2.Be Clear With Product USP And Motive

It has always been an impressive scene to witness any company or venture or corporate trying to help eliminate or even for that matter reduce the social evils or social problems of the country or the world as a whole. Being empathetic to social causes not only makes you a better human but also encapsulates the spirit of belief system in your customers making them feel both privileged and helpful at the same time.

3.Explore Social Media For Customer

Good communication skills not only help you climb the ladder of success up high but also ensures that your customers don’t feel left out on any important piece of information which not only makes them trust the startup but also develop a healthy interactive environment wherein the customer feels right, dignified and worthy. Being the interactive one your startup will not only connect to people but will also be easily located by the media span giving you just the edge that you need to boost your startup.

Organize interactive sessions- Video calls, referencing, networking, quiz, contests, competitions etc. it makes the customer at bay allowing more interaction that is fun, light, entertaining and entrepreneurial at the same time! It’s like aiming multiple things with just one arrow that is interaction. A little bit of attention if serves the right purpose doesn’t get wrong, right?

4.Leverage Network

A good chain of networks never hurts right? An efficient functioning of your startup always requires an initial support system. If you are well acquainted with people in your network who could help you thrive, then don’t let go of this opportunity. A better connectivity ensures smooth functioning of the startup and better retentivity of your place in the market. Any hurdles huge or small, easy or tough may be tackled with better connectivity. As the saying goes “A bundle of sticks is stronger than the separate sticks”. Keep your close knit relations healthy and reliable.

5.Get Insight Into Competitors View

It is always said that- to stay ahead in the game, always be wary of the opponents move. Underestimating your opponents zeal or strategy can be the worse that you could do for the company.Any details related to your startup, be it your aim or ambition, your willingness, your initiation, your partners, your strategies or your plans it’s always good to go with transparency when it comes to dealing with customers and ensuring a good dynamism in understanding your opponents motives and aim too.

The more tangibility you add to your plans the more intrigued the customers get giving you a get away with all the entrepreneurial stress. And again as the saying goes “keep your friends close and your enemy/opponent even closer”.

6.Get Content Strategy Done

Contents have the power to upside down your entire efforts with just one single blow. Contents have started to dominate the startup industry over a period of time with not just the precise information but also with the capability to keep the customers contented. A good content not only improves the quality of customer’s surfing but also gives them a good idea of how to differentiate between an average good or a bad content.

Thus, it is not only a startup idea but also a moral obligation to keep your customers uptight with the most recent happenings and whereabouts of the company.Hence ensuring a good content strategy will not only stick your customers to you but also keep them happily informed. What’s the complaint about if our customers stay all happy, informed and connected, right?

7.Set Smart Goals

Let’s admit it that none of us feel bad an ounce about anything free- be it a tutorial, a sachet, a trial packet, a helpful suggestion or something fun! It’s good to go about the free interactive sessions or free vouchers depending on the venture that you have entered into. This will not only make your customers happy but also want them to come back to you over and over again. This is not only a good marketing strategy but also a very attractive way to enable the customers to know more about your products without actually having to spend bucks and give them enough time to develop the trust that we need.

8.Invest In Public Relations

Ever heard of a company that has thrived even after they negated their customer’s needs and neglected their requirements and suggestions or feedback? Well come back to us if you know of any. There is always a downfall for companies that go on about their business without actually worrying or calculating the company’s customer trust risk ratio. There will never be any company that will thrive or continue despite the unsatisfactory results.

Hence keeping in mind the trust thing and also the motto of every customer is valuable be it rich, middle class or poor or belonging to any social strata for that matter social inclusion won’t harm the company. Rather it widens the horizon and being socially inclusive also attracts ethical applause and moral support. This is not only a strong move but also a smart move to be recognized by the government of your own country, enabling you to seek more concessions in the future- who knows?

9.Data Analytics

These days data scepticism has been on the rise since customers prioritize their privacy over and above anything- rightfully so! Even though data scepticism has been on the rise, data is one of the most powerful tools if used ethically to track the needs and understand the requirements of our customers without wanting them to put in a lot of effort. But amidst the time of dala alarms all over the world ensuring your customer’s data privacy and familiarizing them with the data privacy concepts would not only help them get equipped with the concepts but also enable the company to come out as transparent, reliable and trustable. Do not get short on your efforts in this area as this creates the very base of any startup. Ensuring a good and strong base is key to a magnificent high rise.

10.Own Your Own Product

How do you expect people to believe in your product when you yourself are not well versed with it or even using it? This kind of a thing not only feels like a tinge of betrayal but also affects the authenticity of the product and questions the authenticity of it! It is always recommended to not only use your product but also ensure that your family, friends and your immediate surroundings are well versed with it and of course using it too!

Entrepreneurship can be tricky when it comes to being in the right one and being the right one. With just a little strategic investment and healthy decisions your startups can bloom within a span of time. With the ripe and right time learning how to tap the energy and opportunities don’t only improve our productivity but may also provide a platform for better learning and developing some creative skills. An amalgamation of so many skills, tactics, hardships and of course our smart ships sailing across the entrepreneurial sea will ensure our ships sail through the high tides.

Wishing the best to all the upcoming Z generation entrepreneurs!